How it works

Peek is a simple but intelligent app that helps teachers organize effective and efficient field trips even with growing numbers of students. It works like a game but it contains many additional educational features … it is where didactic meets gamification.

“By using Peek our student numbers can grow forever. The app guides them into the field, while we can focus on what we want: educating the students at important locations”

Teacher Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

How it works for teachers

  • Gamification of your course
  • An innovate solution for distant learning and increasing student numbers
  • Set up digital field trips for groups or individual students
  • Tailor-made field trip in the app: relief and ease of mind
  • Create (sets of) questions at any specific location
  • Choose between open questions, multiple choice or measurement guesses (which can be timed)
  • Give instant feedback for right or wrong answers
  • Easily export all results/scores to Excel

“The Peek app enables you to pick the day and time in which you want to follow an excursion. Peek is therefore able to show the sunny side of excursions… Besides this, Peek excursions are more relaxed because you can determine your own pace during the field-trip and it feels a bit like you are on a treasure hunt!

Rens Berghuis, student at Wageningen University & Research

I could do the excursion in Peek at my own pace and that is very nice. Points do not always have to be on a road, it can also be in a meadow beyond a muddy path, and that has given us a lot of fun. Compared to a normal excursion, you are with a smaller group, so I was more active and paid more attention. All in all, I found the excursion a lot of fun and genuinely educational.”

Lisanne van de Kleut, student at Wageningen University & Research

“Exploring Millingerwaard with the Peek app was an inspiring experience! Students were able to navigate the area in small groups, experiencing the area independently and interactively. In order to give substance to the teacher-student interaction, we had teachers on a number of points in the excursion who told something about the area. Both the students and the teachers were very enthusiastic about the use of the Peek app. Students appreciated the fact that they could walk through the area at their own pace and spend some extra time on places or assignments of interest to them.”

Jeroen Scheper on behalf of the WUR Restoration Ecology teaching team

”We really enjoyed the Peek field trip! You should develop more of these excursions as it is much nicer than using pen and paper. It is easy to grab your phone and look up the questions, which are also more interactive. Last but not least, you don’t need someone’s back anymore to write things down!”

Deborah de Groot, student at Wageningen University & Research