General Questions

On this page a number of general questions are answered for you.

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I need help!

In the bottom right corner you’ll find a chat box which can answer your questions. If no one from the Peek team is available we will send you our reply via email as soon as possible.

How do I retrieve my log-in?

You will receive an email from Peek with your first log-in code. When logging in for the first time, you can add your personal details. Remember your log-in, as you may need them for other courses in the future.

I have not yet received my activation e-mail. What do I do?

Wait up to 15 minutes to receive the e-mail with an activation link. If you have not yet received an activation e-mail at this point, contact the helpdesk via the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

My account activation link is invalid. What do I do?

Make sure you have entered the correct link sent to you via e-mail. If you are sure you have done this and the link is still invalid, contact the helpdesk via the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Where can I find the field trip code of my trip?

You can find the field trip code in the overview of your trips, as well as in the trip, above in the screen.

How do I share the trip with my friends or family?

Very simple: let them download the app (in the stores or via the links on our homepage) and share your field trip code, to be found on top of the page of your field trip.

I have a problem, my field trip code doesn’t work in the app.

Maybe you haven’t officially published your field trip? In the back-end, when working on your trip, you have to click ‘Publish’ in the menu on the right.